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About Me

Hello, I’m Catherine Constance artist and writer of all the “Fun & Nonsense” that goes on here.

I grew up in South London and Paris in the days when little girls wore lacey white knee high socks and black patent buckle shoes. A pint of milk was left on your doorstep every morning, the telephone had a dial and was attached to the wall and families had one car, if they were lucky. Children’s tv programmes finished at 6pm when Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout said “Time for bed.”

I made tents out of deck chairs and old sheets and drank Robinsons Barley Water in my English Nan’s back garden and drank bubbly water and ate escargots in some of the best restaurants in Paris with my French Grandmother. Life was simple and innocent.

Catherine Constance and her dog Phil

Now you can find me in a small village outside of Salisbury in my studio “colouring in” as my partner calls it. My inspiration comes from my childhood, Big Ben to the Eiffel Tower and everything in-between and the wonderful little sticky people I used to teach in a teeny tiny rural school in South West France. Inspiration also comes from my family and friends, travels, daily life and walks on the beach with Phil…my gorgeous bonkers cockapoo…

Hop skip and jump with me into my magical world of Fun & Nonsense…xxx